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Sampheng a local dialect for �China town�

Sampheng is another name of Wanich 1 road, a narrow walking road. The word Sampheng derived from the canal�s name. The name is in historical account of the king Rama I, saying that the king found that a land on the eastern bank of Chao Phraya river occupied by Chinese community is the most suitable place to build the Royal grand palace.

On king�s request, the community moved to the area near Sampheng canal and this area was later called Sampheng. Formerly people live in Sampheng were mostly running business of imported goods from abroad and built warehouses nearby. The area became very dense.

During king Rama V�s reign the area was on five three times. Each time after fired, the king ordered that the road constructed on the damaged areas.
- The first road was Sampheng road, connecting Ratchawong road and Rongkrata lane.
- The second was made straightly to connect the bridge across the canal at Wat Pathum Khongkha and Yaowaraj road.
- The third linked Ratchawong and Chakkawat road. The width of the road is 5 Wa (10meters).


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