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Much-More Accessories- Wholesale Fashion Accessories Store. Label Tag
Ribbon Center Head tag.
Much-More Accessories Head Tag

June 10, 2007

Simple Facts

1-) More than 10,000,000 pieces of head tags are scattering worldwide with our fashion accessories pieces.While walking in the Shopping malls in your countries, have you noticed these two label tags? Of course. They belongs to us. Ribbon Center & Much-More Accessories Head tags.

2-) Fashion Accessories customers from more than 46 countries, from all continents know us. This figure comes from this year record alone. They visit our stores right here in Bangkok China Town. Are you among one of them?

Argentina Hungary Philippines
Australia India Qatar
Austria Indonesia Russian Federation
Bahrain Ireland Singapore
Belgium Italy Slovak Republic
Bolivia Japan South Africa
Bulgaria Kenya South Korea
Canada Kuwait Sri Lanka
China Malaysia Sweden
Denmark Malta Taiwan
European Union Mauritius United Arab Emirates
Germany New Zealand United States
Ghana Nigeria Unknown
Great Britain Norway Venezuela
Hong Kong Pakistan Vietnam

3-) With no less than 200 staff working everyday in our store Ribbon Center Co. Much-More accessories Stores are open 7 days a week, Monday to Sunday. The Stores are closed only on Thai New Year Festival.

4-) Official working hour

Monday-Saturday 7.30 18.00
Sunday 7.30 - 16.00





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