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Wholesale Fashion Accessories - Much More accessories Company
In 1968, Sirirat Skulsiriwattana opened a small shop in central Bangkok, making and selling her fabric flowers to customers in the neighborhood area. At the moment, she realized that her business was rapidly growing. On a visit to the Bangkok China town, wholesaling area, she recognized a huge opportunity to sell her hand-made flowers to wholesale stores in the area.

In 1975, her first wholesale store called �Ribbon� established with the help and support from her brothers. It soon became a thriving store, importing and selling fashion accessories not only domestically produced, but imported ones from Europe.

In time it is obvious that Ribbon store alone was not sufficiently capable of producing and wholesaling accessories�hair ornaments items. At the time, Ribbon could not keep up with market demand and was compelled to seek for a business solution.

1993 marked an important turning point in the company history when it established Ribbon Center and another affiliated company named--World Peal. Ribbon Center, occupying an exhibition hall of more than 31,656 square foot, is from then on regarded as the biggest wholesale center distributing fashion accessories in Thailand. Meanwhile World Pearl, a sibling company specializing in manufacturing costume jewelries, has manufactured and exported personal and hair accessories domestically and internationally.
Wholesale fashion accessories - hair accessories
Wholesale fashion accessories - Tribal necklaces

For costume jewelry in 1998, there was exciting times, while market demand for costume jewelries plummeted, the Ribbon Center group, in contrast, expanded with the establishment of new company called �Much-More Accessories�, a retail / wholesale fashion accessories store, as the retail demand for stylish & reasonable price fashion items opened up a vast new market.

Much-More Accessories
is aimed to further enhance the Ribbon Center's continuing strategy to take greater control over all aspects of retail throughout its various product lines and businesses

Today the Ribbon Center Group is the leading fashion accessories company in Thailand. More than 1,100 people are currently employed in the Ribbon group, including affiliated companies.

It designs, imports , manufactures, wholesales, retails and exports fashion accessories, including personal ornaments, hair ornaments, fashion bags, and fashion belts under a range of brand names: Ribbon, Ribbon Center, Much-More Accessories, Jovial, and World Pearl.

The Group's retail network currently comprises 60 Jovial counters located in department stores all over Thailand. The Ribbon group has recently been supported by customers in 34 countries

Again in 2005 Ribbon Center - Parent company expanded into other business concerning hospitality industry. Rawi Warin Resort & Spa, A new super luxury five star resort located in Koh Lanta, Krabi, Thailand.


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